40 Years and 11 Days

40 Years and 11 Days

The 40th anniversary of the Revenue Act of 1978 is nearing. The act added Internal Revenue Code Sec. 401(k).  Forty years from obscure code to $6 Trillion.  The reports are that early backers of the code created it as a way individuals could supplement their retirement income from a defined benefit plan.  They never intended 401(k) plans to become the primary retirement wealth accumulation vehicle it has become for about 50% of tax paying Americans.  It was 1981 before the first plan was submitted for approval.  I encourage you to read, The Day I Designed The First 401(k) Savings Plan, by Ted Benna.  http://401kbenna.com/401k-history.html.

Congress has tried to repeal or alter IRC 401(k) several times over the years when it realized the growing amount of taxes that would not be collected. Over eleven days in October this year IRC 401(k) went from budget bargaining chip to a non-negotiable topic.

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There may be changes in the amount of pre-tax contributions and a major re-construction of the American Retirement Savings System in the future. If you are a financial sales professional currently serving or considering to serve the 401(k) marketplace you should have comfort knowing your career is on solid ground based on the duration, ferocity and quickness to protect the current 401(k) structure.  Time is on your side.

December 1st, 2017

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