401k Sales Champion Workshop

401kSalesChampionWorkshop_logo-1024x185We believe that professional, well-informed Advisors are the best feature of any 401(k) plan.  We support you and your pursuit of 401(k) and other group retirement plans because we know the positive impact a good Advisor can have upon the plan sponsor and plan participants. You assist all parties to achieve their goals.

Three Outcomes For Advisors Working With KnowHow 401(k)

You’ll see why the 401(k) market is one worth pursuing, and you’ll have a clear path toward achieving your goals.
You will be prepared to answer the two big questions that plan sponsors want you to answer; Why you? and Why is your recommendation better than what they have now?
Our system shows you a proven approach to building a solid business plan, plus accomplishing the day-to-day tasks needed to meet your long-term goals. Better yet, our system shows you how to stick to your plan.

Advisors At All Stages Of Their Career Benefit From KnowHow 401(k)

Many Advisors, regardless of their years of service in financial sales, are new to the group retirement plan sale. If you’re starting out, we show you the quickest ways to build business, and how to approach existing relationships about company plans.
Many Advisors work with existing plans (<20), acquired primarily through relationships with decision makers. These Advisors realize the “power” of group plans and they want to put forward a proactive effort to acquire new plans. We’ll help you break through growth ceilings.
This part of our program addresses Advisors who specialize in group retirement plan sales and are responsible for the professional development of team members. The workshop and other program offerings are business improvement resources for their team.


The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop© is the online, anytime, on any device 401(k) sales and service professional development experience for Advisors. The workshop reviews 109 topics via 36 online videos with 30 E-Tools all within a 7-Step process Advisors can follow to inspire and show them how to optimize their 401(k) sales opportunities.  Included in the online workshop is the Profiling Menu.  The Profiling Menu lists a sampling of the openers, profiling questions, voice mail messages and statements to overcome objections Advisors can use when building their 401(k) business.  When they have a question or comment simply hit the Contact Your Coach button to be connected with Chris Barlow. The workshop tells the story of how Chris and thousands of Advisors he has worked with over the past decades have built their 401(k) business.

Click below to see the Introduction video for the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop®

Additionally the workshop provides E-Tools you can access and use to improve your 401(k) sales and service efforts—including the Production Analysis Manager or PAM.

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PAM is introduced in Step #2 Planning. It verifies you have defined the tasks necessary for success and that you are taking the steps to complete them. PAM is an online worksheet that allows you to make adjustments as needed. When complete, copy and paste your PAM worksheet into your business plan. It’s a great motivator.

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“The workshop gives me something very structured to build my business with.”


“Reviewing the workshop material is first of all, ‘First Rate,’ but most importantly, inspiring.”


“The workshop is nirvana for me. I have several business development members on my team. Now I have a standardized sales and service training program that I can use for their professional development. I can assign them homework and check to see if they completed it before we discuss the videos. The workshop will save me a great deal of time, which is a true value add.”


“First off, let me say this workshop has been incredibly thorough and comprehensive. The E-Tool box is invaluable. I love the ‘Great Ideas.’ This will be helpful in organizing every aspect of my business.””


“I really enjoyed your videos on prospecting. I think the system is extremely helpful, efficient and well thought out.”