Cold Calling Is Like A Good Cup Of Coffee

Cold Calling Is Like A Good Cup of Coffee

Do you like coffee – a really good cup of coffee? I do. Dark roast and black. I have a collection of coffee brewing methods including automatic drip, Keurhig and French press. And now I deploy the simplest of them all – a mesh funnel and a beaker.

I put the fresh ground coffee in the mesh funnel that sits atop the beaker, slowly pour hot water over the coffee and let nature do the rest. It took me a few pounds of coffee to get the technique and proportions of coffee and water correct. But the results are excellent. And besides the cost of the funnel, beaker, ground coffee and water, it is the least expensive way to drink coffee. Simple, low cost and I control the process – when I have the time to do it.

Cold calling is the simplest, lowest cost and most controlled approach to marketing you can deploy, when you make the time to do it. Advisors are naturally hesitant to cold call at all lengths of service, but the ones that progress get over that. Cold calling is one of the ways to grow your business –   not the way. But it is the simplest, lowest cost alternative and you control things.

If the term cold calling turns you off – change it to target prospecting. You define who you want to approach and when it is good for you to approach them. The important idea is to stay in front of them monthly until you speak and determine if you want to continue to pursue them. Simple, low cost and most control. Great combination for growing a group retirement plan business, let alone brewing a good cup of coffee.

January 19th, 2016

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