Crossing The Line

Crossing The Line

We all know what the line is, the separation between lawful ethical and unlawful unethical actions.  No matter if the act is personal or professional we all know when we approach the line.  An unlawful unethical retirement plan industry professional negatively impacts the plan participants, their beneficiaries, plan sponsors and their employer.

The individual in our industry that commits an unlawful unethical act is always caught and pays a far greater price than the amount of money they absconded.  Where they may be held to repay the money, the value of their reputation will never recover.

Through all of my personal experiences and witnessing other’s decision as they approach the line, it’s apparent that if one catches themselves and doesn’t cross the line, or if they do and through the torment of their conscious or imprisonment they realize it isn’t worth the cost, they are better able to step back from the line in the future.

February 2nd, 2018

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