Exclusive Territory License

We believe that TPAs and Advisors are natural partners, bringing complimentary skills and a shared vision of service to plan sponsors and participants. One key way we accomplish our purpose as an organization is by promoting the partnership between Advisors and Third Party Administration (TPA) firms.

KnowHow 401(k) assists TPA firms to engage with Advisors by licensing the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop with supporting services to our TPA clients, giving them an exclusive* territory opportunity to build strong, long term relationships with Advisors and promote the growth of their joint business. Our TPA licensees distinguish their firm from competitors while improving the selling and servicing skills of their Advisor partners.

The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop is an exclusive* business development tool for TPAs who understand the importance of making connections with Advisors. The workshop provides high quality sales training accessible on any device. It demonstrates to Advisors the investment your firm has made in their professional development.

Advisors see your brand and contact information displayed on all web pages and other Advisor messaging. Our licensees provide value to Advisors in addition to their plan design and plan administration services. The workshop and our other support services give our TPA clients a central marketing program for their sales development team. Our program is proven to deliver and results can be tracked.

When you ask Advisors, “How can we do more business together?” the common reply is, “help me grow my business.” A key to TPA success is to provide Advisors what they want; a proven process to grow their group retirement plan business.  Be the exclusive* licensee of the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop in your territory. Offer it to your Advisor partners for their use in business development. Their increased prospecting activity can achieve your organization’s sales goals. Plus, the sales development program provides a multi-contact process for you to stay in touch with Advisors.

You also grow relationships with Advisors by exclusively* providing professional development delivered by a top industry sales coach, Chris Barlow of KnowHow 401(k). Chris is founder and Managing Director of KnowHow 401(k). Chris has been active in the group retirement plan marketplace for over 30 years working as an Advisor, Sales Trainer, Wholesaler, National Sales Manager and Strategic Director within some of the top companies in financial services. Chris is an experienced sales expert who works daily with the Advisors you want to do business with. When you license the workshop, Chris joins your team as a virtual wholesaler.

Advisors can benefit from our workshop at all stages of their business.

Many Advisors, regardless of their years of service in financial sales, are new to the group retirement plan sale. If you’re starting out, we show you the quickest ways to build business, and how to approach existing relationships about company plans.
Many Advisors work with existing plans (<20), acquired primarily through relationships with decision makers. These Advisors realize the “power” of group plans and they want to put forward a proactive effort to acquire new plans. We’ll help you break through growth ceilings.
This part of our program addresses Advisors who specialize in group retirement plan sales and are responsible for the professional development of team members. The workshop and other program offerings are business improvement resources for their team.

Time Saving for You

Financial PlanningDo you spend two hours or more a week educating Advisors on what a qualified plan is and how to pursue them? To enhance the Advisor’s confidence of the disciplines of plan design and plan administration KnowHow 401(k) has partnered with NIPA, the National Institute of Pension Administrators, to provide the Fundamentals of Qualified Retirement Plans within Step #1 Preparation.

NIPA is a national association of owners and key managers of third-party administration firms and their employees. The Fundamentals of Qualified Plans course, is part of NIPA’s Accredited Pension Representative (APR) program.


Partner with Wholesalers
TPA Licensees can partner with their record keeper and DCIO Wholesalers to assist with distribution of the workshop among Advisors. Additionally, many TPA licensees obtained sponsorship dollars from their Wholesaler partners. Wholesalers enjoy the benefit of giving Advisors access to an effective sales development program and reports on the usage activity of Advisors.

Are you the only TPA that your partner Wholesalers refer business to? Do you want to improve the percentage you do receive? Our workshop provides a strong tool for creating exclusive relationships with Wholesalers and maintaining them.

Exclusive License
The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop© is your exclusive* opportunity to provide Advisors with an online, anytime, on any device 401(k) sales and service training professional development experience. Your firm’s brand and contact information are highlighted throughout the workshop pages and other marketing materials.  In the car or train, at home or in the office, Advisors can access the workshop and be reminded of your investment in their future.

Our workshop has been designed to be Advisors’ go-to resource for developing 401(k) business. Because the workshop is based on real marketplace experiences, Advisors return to it often to find the appropriate references, and to determine how to proceed. Because the workshop features your brand, every return visit reinforces your commitment to helping Advisors succeed.

Marketing Plan
This is our first action together when your firm comes on board. By developing a written marketing plan, we both know your goals and how your firm will use the workshop to achieve them. We develop a joint marketing plan so you can effectively use your time to maximize results from the workshop.

Testimonials from TPA Licensees

“We have never been in front of more Advisors. The workshop gives us something new – and exclusive to talk with Advisors about. We use the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop© to introduce ourselves to Advisors we couldn’t reach before and we are building relationships with some so far off we otherwise shouldn’t.”

St. Louis, MO

“The reason I purchased the license for the workshop was to give Advisors something to help them to build their business and give them something besides plan design and compliance support. I am able to be the exclusive source for the program. The workshop is the ideal program for Advisors to build their business. The workshop helps me to separate the wheat from the chaff – those Advisors that use the workshop are the ones I focus on.”

-LJ, TPA Owner
Chicago, IL

“Our firm has grown over the years based on our reputation in the market, and we will continue to do so. We will spur our growth by using the workshop with existing and new financial advisors by strengthening our relationships with wholesalers of select firms.”

St. Louis, MO

“The workshop benefits our firm by providing professional development for our financial advisor partners, which improves their sales and reinforcing the image that we are very different versus our competitors.”

-PH, TPA Owner


Testimonials from an Advisor to a TPA Licensee

“I started into the KnowHow program last night watching the video and printing off the tools. I just wanted you to know what I have seen so far is really excellent and wanted to pass that along and say thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this program.”


“I can’t thank you enough for providing this opportunity.”


TPA Owner to Chris Barlow

“Your book is required reading by our Administrators so they better understand what an Advisor has to go through before we are introduced to their prospect.”

Birmingham, AL