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The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop© is the online, anytime, on any device 401(k) sales and service training professional development experience for Advisors. Since the launch of the online workshop in 2012, over 2,000 Advisors have gained access to the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop©.

The workshop is comprised of video segments that describe a 7-Step process you can follow to inspire you and show you how to optimize your 401(k) sales opportunity.

Additionally the workshop provides E-Tools you can access and use to improve your 401(k) sales and service efforts—including the Production Analysis Manager or PAM (click on image for PAM demo).

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PAM is introduced in Step #2 Planning. It verifies you have defined the tasks necessary for success and that you are taking the steps to complete them. PAM is an online worksheet that allows you to make adjustments as needed. When complete, copy and paste your PAM worksheet into your business plan. It’s a great motivator.

When you have a question or comment simply hit the Contact Your Coach button to be connected with Chris Barlow. The workshop also provides concrete examples of how Chris and the thousands of Advisors he has worked with over the years have built their 401(k) business.

7Steps April 13 2015

Step #1 of the workshop prepares you to confidently pursue the business and covers the fundamentals of qualified plans. To enhance your confidence of the disciplines of plan design and plan administration KnowHow 401(k) has partnered with NIPA, the National Institute of Pension Administrators, to provide you with the Fundamentals of Qualified Retirement Plans within Step #1 Preparation.

Step #1 - Preparation

NIPA is a national association of owners and key managers of third-party administration firms and their employees. The Fundamentals of Qualified Plans course, is part of NIPA’s Accredited Pension Representative (APR) program. Successfully obtaining the APR designation will demonstrate your Commitment to the Retirement Plan Industry.

We encourage you to discover more about NIPA and the APR designation by visiting the NIPA website at You will find information under the Designation Programs tab on the Institute’s homepage.

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For more information, contact Chris Barlow at or 937-264-6920.


“The workshop is nirvana for me. I have several business development members on my team. Now I have a standardized sales and service training program that I can use for their professional development. I can assign them homework and check to see if they completed it before we discuss the videos. The workshop will save me a great deal of time, which is a true value add.”


“First off, let me say this workshop has been incredibly thorough and comprehensive. The E-Tool box is invaluable. I love the ‘Great Ideas.’ This will be helpful in organizing every aspect of my business.”


“Reviewing the workshop material is first of all, ‘First Rate,’ but most importantly, inspiring.”


“I really enjoyed your videos on prospecting. I think the system is extremely helpful, efficient and well thought out.”