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Navigating the waters of any business can be challenging. Many top group retirement plan Advisors have come to realize that they are leading very successful small enterprises; however, just like when sailing, they need to keep their eyes on many factors simultaneously. Besides growth in AUM, they are focused on client service, profitability, marketing, human resources, IT and other disciplines, while also maintaining concentration on the drivers of their success.

racingSailboats_croppedTo assist these Advisors, we are pleased to introduce the 401(k) Legends Business Diagnostic Report (BDR). The 401(k) Legends BDR provides top Advisors with an independent assessment of their overall business, identifying their strengths and opportunities for improvement.  Within the 25 sections there are 141 data points of discovery for the Advisor to illuminate strengths and identify opportunities to improve the business. The Advisor completes the 401(k) Legends BDR online at his or her own pace.  Answers are compared to an extensive normative data base and a diagnostic report is prepared. The completed report with action plan is accessed online and can be printed for a formal follow-up with the Advisor.

Ron Bush of Retirement Research Inc. and Chris Barlow of KnowHow 401(k) are partnering with Business Health Pty, Ltd to produce the 401(k) Legends BDR. This partnership brings unparalleled experience and knowledge of the Group Retirement Plan industry and advisor business improvement expertise. We are dedicated to ensuring the 401(k) Legends BDR serves the business improvement needs for top Group Retirement Plan Advisors, and is thus seen as a very high value-added service.

With the 401(k) Legends BDR, top Advisors can explore five categories and 25 sections of information crucial to their business.


  • CRM
  • Segmentation
  • Reviews
  • Communication
  • Client Service

Home Base

  • Business Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • External Advisor /Coach
  • Risk Management
  • Key Person

External Profile

  • Range of Services
  • Positioning
  • Media Management
  • Standards


  • People
  • Performance Management
  • Communications
  • Culture
  • IT

Key Performance Indicators

  • Outcomes
  • Revenue
  • Assets
  • Expenses
  • Management Information
  • Profitability

“For some time we have discussed the changing landscape of Advisor distribution – the bifurcation of Advisors into generalists and specialists with very different product preferences and support needs; the rapid growth of the fee – based Advisors and the commensurate decline of the commission compensation model; the ascent of the RIA and their increasing control of small and mid-sized plan sales.

The challenge to providers is to identify the types of Advisors they want to do business with and then focus their offering and support services on what those targeted advisor segments really value.”

—Retirement Research, Inc., Retirement Markets Overview, 2013


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