Grow and Optimize Your Group Retirement Plan Business

We believe that professional, well-informed Advisors are the best feature of any 401(k) or other group retirement plan.

We support you and your pursuit of 401(k) and other group retirement plans because we know the positive impact a good Advisor can have upon your plan sponsor and plan participant clients. You assist all parties in achieving their goals.

And we give you the industry’s best tools for making this happen.

Our 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop© prepares you to optimize your skills for assisting both employers and their employees. Based on the personal sales and coaching experiences of Chris Barlow, the workshop covers all aspects of professional advising. The Founder and Managing Director of KnowHow 401(k), Chris has been active in the group retirement plan marketplace for over 30 years, working as an Advisor, Sales Trainer, Wholesaler, National Sales Manager and Strategic Director within some of the top companies in financial services. He continues to work daily with Advisors across the nation.

For more information, contact Chris Barlow at or 937-264-6920.

Grow and Optimize Your Group Retirement Plan Business
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