Advisors Benefit From KnowHow 401(k) At All Stages Of Business

Our program helps you if you’re starting a new business or trying to enhance an existing one:

Launch: Many Advisors, regardless of their years of service in financial sales, are new to the group retirement plan sale. If you’re starting out, we show you the quickest ways to build business, and how to approach existing relationships about company plans.

Grow: Many Advisors work with existing plans (<20), acquired primarily through relationships with decision makers. These Advisors realize the “power” of group plans and they want to put forward a proactive effort to acquire new plans. We’ll help you break through growth ceilings, and show you ways to expand.

Improve: This part of our program addresses Advisors who specialize in group retirement plan sales and are responsible for the professional development of team members. The workshop and other program offerings are business improvement resources for their team.

Our program works best with Advisors that have made the commitment to do the daily activity over the long term required to build and improve their group retirement plan business. Successful Advisors are always looking for insight and proven processes to develop their group retirement plan business. Our program provides these.

All Advisors working with KnowHow 401(k) have the passion to build a business that will

  • Annuitize compensation
  • Incubate future individual clients
  • Cross-sell opportunities
  • Defend top clients
  • Provide impactful guidance


For more information, contact Chris Barlow at or 937-264-6920.

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Advisors Benefit from KnowHow 401(k) At All Stages of Business
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