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Grow Group Retirement Plan Sales By Putting The Right Tools In Advisors’ Hands

Most sales development programs are great at explaining why an Advisor should do 401(k) and other group retirement plan business. What they don’t do well is show the Advisor how to begin a 401(k) and other group retirement plan business or improve an existing one.

Our 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop© explains the why and how of 401(k) sales success.

Chris Barlow, our Founder and Managing Director, has been active in the group retirement plan marketplace for over 30 years. He has worked as an Advisor, Sales Trainer, Wholesaler, National Sales Manager and Strategic Director for some of the top companies in financial services. He knows the business, from all perspectives.

Chris began developing his sales training discipline in 1988, training Merril Lynch Advisors at the coporate campus in Princeton, NJ. Chris participated in one of the first organized Broker Dealer 401(k) sales development efforts while with Merrill Lynch.  Their initial success still positions Merrill Lynch as a top Broker Dealer distribution group today kamagra oral jelly kaufen.

He is an experienced sales expert who works either one-on-one with Advisors or with groups, communicating a proven process for 401(k) and other group retirement plan sales success.


Custom pricing based on scope of program. Contact Chris Barlow for additional information.


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