KnowHow 401(k) Consulting

KnowHow 401(k) Consulting is delivered by Chris Barlow of KnowHow 401(k).  The program provides the one-on-one support Advisors are looking for to grow and improve their 401(k) plan business.  The yearlong program begins with an assessment meeting during which the Advisor will define the outcomes they want to accomplish for the program and longer term.  The program works best with Advisors that have made the commitment to do the daily work to build and improve a group retirement plan business over the long term.  All activities will take place over the phone and web and include the following services:


One-on-One Business Plan Development
This process produces a custom plan the Advisor uses to guide his or her efforts to achieve their goals. Chris Barlow has assisted over 1,200 Advisors one-on-one to build their business plan.  He leads a multi-step, multi-week process to create a customized plan for each Advisor.  Ongoing communication with the Advisor is strengthened with the completed plan. The plan is referred to during Monthly Check-up calls between the Advisor and Chris.  One Advisor noted, “Just thinking about my business plan and working on it every night has given me a new sense of motivation and it is quickly paying off.”  You plan because life’s short.


Monthly Check-up calls
These calls serve to inspire and motivate the Advisor. These calls promote the accountability many Advisors are looking for from their coach.  Calls are with Advisors that complete a business plan, and help us learn about their progress. The first six months of the process can take a toll on Advisors, so ongoing one-on-one support provides needed encouragement.  Several advisors noted the value of the calls: “I just need to have someone else to report to besides my manager.” And because Advisors knew the calls were coming, they made more sales calls in advance.


401(k) Sales Champion Workshop©
The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop is the online, anytime, on any device 401(k) sales and service professional development experience for Advisors. The workshop reviews 109 topics via 36 online videos with 30 E-Tools all within a 7-Step process Advisors can follow to inspire and show them how to optimize their 401(k) sales opportunities.  Included in the online workshop is the Profiling Menu.  The Profiling Menu lists a sampling of the openers, profiling questions, voice mail messages and statements to overcome objections Advisors can use when building their 401(k) business.  When they have a question or comment simply hit the Contact Your Coach button to be connected with Chris Barlow. The workshop tells the story of how Chris and thousands of Advisors he has worked with the past decades have built their 401(k) business.