Sales Development Program

Our sales development programs are based on defined goals, activities, timeline and monitoring. We deliver insightful information at the convenience of the Advisor with built-in next steps to promote the Advisors’ persistent activity and ultimately accomplish their and your organization’s goals.

Goals:What is the lift in AUM, number of plans and number of participating Advisors you want to achieve? We can define the parameters, activities and monitoring to achieve your goals.

Audience: Which Advisors do you want to focus your firm’s resources on? Those Advisors launching, growing or improving their businesses? Our program helps you reach the right Advisors, and accomplish your goals.

Activities: Just as we assist Advisors to project out the activity necessary to achieve their goals, we can do the same for the organization. Activities can be defined and monitored for Advisor participation https://espanolciali../. A timeline can be established to maximize the effectiveness of any program training. Specific activities lists can be assigned to individuals, delivery dates set, and results monitored.

Advisor commitment to the program will determine their success, and yours. The stronger their dedication to daily activity, participation in study groups, and submission of activity reports for accountability strengthens the probability of program success.

Time Saving for your Wholesalers

Financial PlanningDo you spend two hours or more a week educating Advisors on what a qualified plan is? To enhance the Advisor’s confidence of the disciplines of plan design and plan administration KnowHow 401(k) has partnered with NIPA, the National Institute of Pension Administrators, to provide the Fundamentals of Qualified Retirement Plans within Step #1 Preparation.

NIPA is a national association of owners and key managers of third-party administration firms and their employees. The Fundamentals of Qualified Plans course, is part of NIPA’s Accredited Pension Representative (APR) program.

We encourage you to discover more about NIPA and the APR designation by visiting the NIPA website at You will find information under the Designation Programs tab on the Institute’s homepage.


Sales Development Program features 

The 401k Sales Champion Workshop
Web Cast series
The Profiling Menu
One on One Business Plan Development
The Playbook
Monthly Check Up Calls
Study Group Calls



Custom pricing based on scope of program. Contact Chris Barlow for additional information.


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Sales Development Program
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