“I have had a few opportunities to meet with business owners through the cold calling I have done and have encountered some health care opportunities and was able to help one business find a better TPA, but have not, as of yet, taken over any 401(k)’s through the cold calling. I started the program a little later in and I know it is a consistent, week-by-week, month-by-month, long-term strategy, so I look forward to winning some plans in the future. During this time, however, the weekly calls, personal calls with you, working through my 401(k) business plan with you (revised copy coming your way), asking questions, listening to the experiences of others, and reading the articles and things you share with us have grown my personal knowledge and skills and given me confidence in talking to people I come across. I mentioned I haven’t won any 401(k)’s through the cold calling as of yet, but because I am in this program, I am being brought in on cases with other advisors and uncovering opportunities through the networking I do. Through all of this, I have had 2 startups this summer, have another two startups we are working on, and have 2 takeover opportunities I am working on currently, one through my BNI group, and the other through a natural market connection. This is all flows directly from the time you have spent with us week after week, month after month, and the personal time you have given me, and I just wanted to say thank you.”


“Your program is different from others in that they present concepts and you focus on Advisor action items.”


“Thanks for all that your team has done for our firm relative to this initiative. I was able to participate in many of the sessions. I also spent several minutes on a few occasions to review your materials (online workshop). Much good stuff! I really like your scoring methodology to prioritize the plan opportunities in your pipeline. To date I have heard good feedback on all initiatives.”



 For more information, contact Chris Barlow at Cbarlow@knowhow401k.com or 937-264-6920.

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