Why We Support TPAs

One key way we accomplish our purpose as an organization is by promoting the partnership between Advisors and Third Party Administration (TPA) firms. We believe that TPAs and Advisors are natural partners, bringing complimentary skills and a shared vision of service to plan sponsors and participants.

KnowHow 401(k) assists TPA firms to engage with Advisors by licensing the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop© and all other support services to our TPA clients, giving them an exclusive* territory opportunity to build strong, long term relationships with Advisors and promote the growth of their joint business. Our TPA licensees distinguish their firm from competitors while improving the selling and servicing skills of their Advisor partners.

The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop© is an exclusive* business development tool for TPAs who understand the importance of making connections with Advisors. The workshop provides high quality sales training accessible on any device. It demonstrates to Advisors the investment your firm has made in their professional development.

Advisors see your brand and contact information displayed on all web pages, the Profiling Menu, Partner brochure and other Advisor messaging. Our licensees provide value to Advisors in addition to their plan design and plan administration services. The workshop and our other support services give our TPA clients a central marketing program for their sales development team. Our program is proven to deliver and results can be tracked.

“Help Me Grow My Business.”

When you ask Advisors, “How can we do more business together?” the common reply is, “help me grow my business.” A key to TPA success is to provide Advisors what they want; a proven process to grow their group retirement plan business.

Be the exclusive* licensee of the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop©. Offer it to your Advisor partners for their use in business development. Their increased prospecting activity can achieve your organization’s sales goals. Plus, the sales development program provides a multi-contact process for you to stay in touch with Advisors.

You also grow relationships with Advisors by exclusively* providing professional development delivered by a top industry sales coach, Chris Barlow of KnowHow 401(k). Chris is founder and Managing Director of KnowHow 401(k). Chris has been active in the group retirement plan marketplace for over 30 years working as an Advisor, Sales Trainer, Wholesaler, National Sales Manager and Strategic Director within some of the top companies in financial services. Chris is an experienced sales expert who works daily with the Advisors you want to do business with. When you license the workshop, Chris joins your team as a virtual wholesaler.


For more information, contact Chris Barlow at Cbarlow@knowhow401k.com or 937-264-6920.

Why We Support TPAs
How We Support TPAs